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Roles of Adult Educators

Wang, V. C. X., Sarbo, L. (2004) Philosophy, Role of Adult Educators, and Learning.
Journal of Transformative Education. July 2004. Vol 2 No 3 p. 204-214

This article gives insight to the modern day roles of adult educators and shows how they are now required to adapt their beliefs and roles in order to accommodate their students needs. It is interesting to note that as adult educators adapt their roles, that their teaching philosophy also changes and they select different methods dependent on the learners style and needs.


Current Trends in Adult Education

Current Trends in Adult Education

Conlan, J., Grabowski, S., Smith, K. (2003) Current Trends in Adult Education
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This article explains how technology is now a leading trend in teaching today. It states that “the most significant trend that continues to make an impact on facilitators is the demand for the incorporation of technology” (King, 2003). Educators are being encouraged to expand their own range of skills and strategies and implement more technologically friendly resources for their students.