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Reflection Questions

Trends and Roles Reflection Questions

a) New Insights:

I have gained many new insights from researching the variety of roles adult educators play. Educators now have to adapt their roles to accommodate their students needs, which also means their teaching philosophy and methods vary depending on the student. It is crucial that adult educators continue to update their own education to be able to provide quality education to their students. Especially relating to my field of work, carpentry, educators have to be up to date on the latest building codes and safety procedures to ensure students are ready to enter the workplace.

b) Trends:

Upon researching current and emerging trends, I found that in my field of teaching, carpentry, many different technologies are being used. Carpentry instructors are bringing in such technology tools as videos from the internet that show how products are made and how equipment is used. I will be able to address these trends in my own classroom by researching and preparing videos and power point presentations to present to my students that will enable them to see first hand how their textbooks relate to the real world. I feel that technology is making an impact on how instructors teach, and that techniques such as social media, email, and Skype are making it easier for students to communicate with instructors. I will also address the new technology trend by researching educational videos, such as safety videos, carpentry material videos and more to use in my classroom.

c) Web-Conference:

I found the idea of using web-conferencing for this assignment to be intriguing, but the actual planning and doing of the conference was not as thought. Trying to find a scheduled time between two people that both had jobs requiring long hours and travel was a challenge. I learned that you have to sort of roll with the punches and do the best you can. My partner and I were able to meet over Skype and discussed our backgrounds and education which was very unique. Overall, the web-conferences are a technology that I would like to become more familiar with, and hopefully I can use them in the future with my students.