Teaching Metacognition


This link will lead you to a page titled Smart Strategies that help students learn how to learn.

“Teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them content.”

I know the whole topic of metacognition is not new, but I feel that it is valuable to giving your students the best chance at success. I have seen students struggle with certain topics and feel they are not good enough, not smart enough. As an instructor I have the opporunity to show them there are concrete strategies they can use to increase their learning. As teachers we must begin to show our students that there are tools to use to be successful as a student. “Teaching students good learning strategies would ensure that they know how to acquire new knowledge, which leads to improved learning outcomes”, writes lead author Helen Askell-Williams of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. In my class, we always begin with asking the students what, if any, prior knowledge or experience do they have of the subject matter. If we are working on concrete forms, for example, I would ask if they had any opportunities on their apprenticeship to work on these. It helps to relate the subject matter to something they have already done or learnt in the past. I feel that the questions the author uses at the bottom of the article are very helpful. They tie into student questionnaires that I use to help guide the learning process.


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