Visible Learning

The question was posed in our classroom discussion forum: Are you a change agent or a facilitator?

Over the course of my PIDP education, I have become to recognize myself as a facilitator.

This comparison was posted as well:

An Activator:
Reciprocal teaching
Teaching students self-verbalization
Meta-cognition strategies
Direct Instruction
Mastery learning
Goals – challenging
Frequent/ Effects of testing
Behavioral organizers


A Facilitator
Simulations and gaming
Inquiry based teaching
Smaller class sizes
Individualized instruction
Problem-based learning
Different teaching for boys & girls
Web-based learning
Whole Language Reading
Inductive teaching

Hattie, J., (year unknown). Visible Learning, Tomorrow’s Schools, The Mindsets that make the difference in Education, Visible Learning Laboratories University of Auckland

After reviewing the comparison, I still believe my teaching strategies fall more into the Facilitator category. While I do believe in using mastery learning, challenging goals, and feedback, I rely more on simulations, real life situations, smaller class sizes of students and most importantly, problem based learning.


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