What is your Learning Style?

Based on a questionnaire from http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm I received the following results:

Based on your input, you are a(n): Auditory learner.

If you are an AUDITORY learner, you may wish to use tapes. Tape lectures to help you fill in the gaps in your notes. But do listen and take notes, reviewing notes frequently. Sit in the lecture hall or classroom where you can hear well. After you have read something, summarize it and recite it aloud.

Although tests like this are fairly generic, I do believe it helped me to grasp a better understanding of how I learn and how I will probably base my teaching. I find it difficult to listen in to a lecture and take notes. I would much rather learn by doing something with my hands. Luckily for me, in carpentry, the teaching demands for students to learn by doing. I can’t remember taking very many notes during my education so I suppose I am in the right field. I have taken other tests about myself and it is interesting to see how you get labeled.


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