Effective Classroom Management

I teach carpentry and do not spend a lot of time in typical classroom settings. We spend the majority of time in the work shop which is why classroom rules and management is of the upmost importance to me as an instructor.

I have relied on this article from Faculty Focus:
“At the end of the day, as educators, we want to focus on learning and promoting our students’ success… it’s our duty to ensure that the classroom environment is optimal for learning. Following these tips will hopefully help you do that — our success and our students’ success depends on it”.
I connect with this part of the article in that setting the rules and tone for the classroom helps to make it the optimal learning environment. Organization is key to having a successful learning experience. This coincides with safety in the classroom.

This link from CarnegieMellon, http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/solveproblem/strat-latetoclass/ sets ground rules for students behaviours. I think it is important to set these guidelines from day one and have students acknowledge their understanding of the rules for classroom, work shop, discussions, group work, etc.

Overall, I feel that proper classroom management sets the tone to provide the best, most effective learning environment for students.


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